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Pixel Art Greek Hillside by PhantomBadger
Pixel Art Greek Hillside
This was originally made as a parallax background for my 2D Platformer, but the standalone piece looks great too! So here it is :)
Inspired by Greek landscapes and the imagery found in the Disney Hercules film. Took about 3-4 hours in Photoshop.
Bearded Vulture Character Design by PhantomBadger
Bearded Vulture Character Design
This was a project I worked on with The Living Tombstone for a secret project that ended up falling through, without going into too much details he was after a character and logo design for a side project he was starting.
The character was a Bearded Vulture, and I included musical note symbolism in the eye tufts and Tombstone's 'white-eyes' concept that he runs with some of his characters. This was a really cool challenge for me, where I had to design the character from scratch, and I'm really proud of it :)
Been aching to show you guys this for ages, so I'm glad I can
Hey guys, It's been a while.
Unfortunately Ive not really done much art that I can post here thanks to the insane workload of my second year of University. We've been tasked with making a Data Visualiser using OpenGL and C++. And it's intense.
However. I do have some cool stuff to show you, some of my best work yet actually. But I cant show you it yet. It's under an NDA, so Im afraid you'll all have to be patient ;)
I've also launched a Web Page as part of my portfolio for applying for jobs n shit
So check it out if you like!
- Josh 


PhantomBadger's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
My name is Josh Leland, I'm 18 and Im currently studying 'Computer Games Programming' at the University of Derby in England. I mostly make wallpapers, but I have done some vectoring and have made a couple covers for various brony artists.

Skype: MrPhantomBadger

Rarely use anything but skype and my personal facebook, but if you're desperate xD

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