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The Beginning of Order Cover - StormWolf by PhantomBadger The Beginning of Order Cover - StormWolf by PhantomBadger
Listen to the awesome song here: [link]

I have mixed feelings about this cover, I had to rush it due to some time restraints and other commitments and feel that more could have been done, but I dont know what.
On the bright side, it allowed me to experiment a lot with free-hand vectoring, Stormwolf sent me a design to work off, so I was quite limited in that aspect I feel.
However, I think it turned out allright.

Let me know what you think !

I do not own Celestia, Discord or MLP, they belong to Hasbro, Lauren Faust and any third parties.
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Yin to her Yang. Now I feel it's the other way around. Discord truly was the first ruler. He allowed Chaos to reign as it should in a real world. Celestia felt the chaos was anarchy, she then invokes a plan to bring absolute control over Equestria. Overthrow Discord and bring order. Now I'm starting to see a darkside to this. Equestria is all under control. Complete surveillance, complete segregation to anything that doesn't fit to the order. And lastly complete control over everything. Everything is controlled, Weather, Animals, Nature, The Sun and Moon, everything is controlled.

And nothing different is allowed, Different rules, Different species, Evil, and lastly different morals.

Now onto the image,
Amazing job seeing you made hands free vectors. Discord and Celestia are like two sides of a coin in this image. Order and Chaos. Now you choose a world where everything is controlled and no difference is allowed. Or a world that is hands free and chaotic like true nature is intended to be unpredictable.

Now I say this, "Do you really want to accept her friendship now?"
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
8 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

i think this is a great drawn a great art stile like the t.v. show and i love the how the characters are is black and white representing the good and bad and after see the episode of discord i acn say that this is really a nice art about the characters Celestia and him the oposite of both and i really inderstang the dificult of the creation of this kind of art i and the combinate of the colors for have the same efct is great i hope you can do more and if you have please tell me :)
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 7 deviants thought this was fair.

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DeadMaster1317 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
One of the best MLP songs ever made... ~Heart 
MarcySparks Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
WileECoyote-Genius Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
I really like this picture. Celestia's expression really cements the feeling of tyrannical rule via fear and control of everything that is enforced in the song, and the way the picture is laid out makes it appear as if Discord is literally pushing Celestia's world aside and offering you a world of chaos instead, which an ingenious bit of fourth-wall breaking, as well as representing Discord's biz-casual attitude excellently. You did a great job with this.
PhantomBadger Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
Thank you :) I tried a to fit as much personality into the image as I could, considering I was restricted with the original design, I'm quite proud of it.
superpoopatron Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
Can I request for this picture, but in album size please. I want this on my iPod Touch as album artwork
MidnightWave Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
OMG, you know how to import album art to iTunes?! Please tell me.
superpoopatron Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
just drag an image to the bottom left corner of your library. if it is not there, then click on the box with the arrow in the bottom in the same place, that will get the frame out for you to put in your artwork
superpoopatron Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
or if it is from a popular album on itunes store, then as long as you have an itunes account, then you could just click on the advanced tab and click "Get Album Artwork"
MidnightWave Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
Oh cool thx, but I already found another way to add art. You just right click on the song and select "Get Info".
PhantomBadger Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
Not without doing a lot of rearranging and resizing, which I dont have time for at the moment. Sorry :c
MrKyuubi Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Student General Artist
I can see what you meant by being rushed, and constrained. If you had all reign over this I'm pretty sure It could have gone from cool to 20% cooler. Anyways, I can see how well you did with the free-hand vectoring! For a requested art with boundaries I'd say you did awesome! Keep up the good work!

PS-The reason this isn't a critique is because I'm not entirely sure how to do that. (New to deviant and all)

PPS-This comment is a lot shorter than last time.
PhantomBadger Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
Thanks for the input xD
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April 26, 2012
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